Make OSPOS run as an application

Note: this tip is out of date. We still like Chrome, but don't recommend it over the other browsers anymore.

We recommend that you use Google Chrome to run Open Source Point of Sale.  It just seems to work better than the alternatives.

If you want OSPOS to look more like an application, you can create an application shortcut using Google Chrome.

Start by launching Chrome and browsing to OSPOS.  The URL is probably "localhost/opensourcepos" if you've installed it locally.  You'll see a browser window like the one below:

Browser Window

To create an application shortcut, click on the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.

Chrome Menu

Choose "Tools->Create application shortcuts..." from the menu.  You will end up at the "Create application shortcuts" dialog box.

Create application shortcuts dialog box

You can choose to create three types of shortcuts: Desktop, Start Menu and Taskbar.  In this example, we're creating a Desktop shortcut.

Click the "Create" button and Chrome will create an icon on your desktop.

Desktop Icon

Double-click this icon, and Windows will launch Open Source Point of Sale as an application.

OSPOS Application

You'll notice that Open Source POS launches in a window without tabs, buttons, the address bar, or menus.