These are tips about harnessing the power of technology, including the Open Source Point of Sale system. They're basically mini-guides, meant to help you take your small business to the next level.

  • It's now possible to create custom fields, such as author, for your inventory items. This tip shows you how.

  • If you sold something you shouldn't have, you can either do a return or you can delete the sale. Here's how to delete a sale.

  • The Email Receipt option should work automatically in Linux. The following tip will help you get it working in Windows.

  • We recently checked our Google Analytics account, and noticed that people from at least 50 different countries have visited our site. This tells us that we should pay more attention to internationalization.

  • Even though Open Source POS is written using web technologies, it doesn't have to look like a web page. Make it run as an app by leveraging the power of Google Chrome application shortcuts.