Add Custom Fields To Items

When you add inventory items, you have to fill out a number of fields, such as name, category, supplier, etc.

You may find it useful to add some custom fields to your items though.  For instance, if you own a bookstore, you may want to add an Author field.

Here's how to do that. Go to the Store Config, and click on the General tab.  Scroll down to the bottom to Custom Field 1-10.

Enter Author into Custom Field 1.

Custom field in store config

Then click the Submit button.

Now go to Items, and choose any item. Click the Update item button.

This will launch the Update Item modal form.  Scroll down to the bottom, and you will see your new Author field.

Custom field on item

By default, there is no value.  You can change this to whatever value you want.  When you're satisfied, click the Submit button, and the author will be saved.

Note: the system restricts these custom fields to 25 characters or less.  If you try to enter more than 25 characters into one of these fields, the system will truncate it.