Book Store POS

OSPOS is a general retail management solution, but it does have many of the features needed by an independent book store.  For instance, it has:

  • Point of Sale - it's easy to use and includes sales, returns and suspended sales, inventory lookup by ISBN and title, multiple payment types, receipt printing, etc.
  • Inventory Control - sophisticated inventory control including inventory categorization, receiving by scanner, return to vendor, re-order list, etc.
  • Customer Management - includes customer sales history, profiles, and detailed and summary customer reports
  • Reporting - lots of reports, including inventory sales, supplier, employee, and customer. Filter these and export some of them to Excel.
  • Gift Cards

That's not all though.  Visit our tour to learn more about OSPOS.

It should be said, though, that OSPOS doesn't have all the features that industry-specific packages have.  For instance, it lacks:

  • Advanced Point of Sale features such as touchscreen and transaction types such as Mail Orders, Back Orders, Special Orders, and Layaways
  • Item setup using industry databases and special attributes such as author and series
  • Purchasing functionality that includes creating purchase orders and electronic ordering from the major suppliers.  Some programs even include updated stock information from these vendors.  Obviously, OSPOS doesn't have this.
  • Multi-store functionality that lets you manage your different stores from Head Office and transfer stock between stores
  • Offsite features that let you sell at community events, book fairs, etc. and then sync up your database when you return.  Note that if there's Internet access and OSPOS is running on a web server, you can always use OSPOS from the event.
  • Promotions and Direct Marketing - set up sales in advance and have the pricing change automatically and print out mailing lists or send emails based on specific criteria such as favourite author or amount of money spent in your store
  • Customer Loyalty Programs such as Frequent Buyer Clubs
  • Multi-Channel selling on the Web via your own ecommerce website as well as web-based used book markets
  • Accounting functionality or the ability to export to QuickBooks and other accounting software
  • Integrated credit card processing
  • Time Clock to track your employees' time
  • Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable

Luckily, OSPOS is open source, so if you really need any of these features you can add them yourself or hire someone to add them for you. 

Also feel free to contact us through the site if you have any questions.