Dealer Software

Dealer SoftwareOSPOS wasn't made specifically for car dealerships, but it does have many features that will help a dealer to computerize their operations.

These include:

  • Inventory Management - create stock (vehicles and parts) and non-stock items (labor) with custom fields
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - add customers, print out reports, and market to them via email marketing and SMS marketing
  • Deals / Point of Sale (POS) - sell vehicles, parts, and services¬† and apply multiple payments to the sale
  • Reports - run off graphical, summary and detailed reports, as well as filter, sort, and export them to Excel

For more information about these features, please visit our Tour page.

Note, though, that OSPOS does not have all the features of an industry-specific solution.

These include:

  • Vin decoder - save data entry with a built in vin decoder
  • Industry-specific Fields - such as year, make, model, series, and others
  • Accounts Receivable - customer accounts and Buy Here, Pay Here (BHPH) financing features
  • Multiple Deal Types - process cash, finance, or BHPH deals with the same software
  • Service Department - including work orders, appointment calendar, maintenance schedules, service reminders
  • Industry-specific Integrations - vehicle history reports, vehicle value guides, credit reporting, forms and contracts

Only you can decide if you need these features or not. OSPOS is also open source, so if you just need one or two of them, you can add them to the software yourself.