Drugstore / Pharmacy POS

OSPOS wasn't made specifically for drugstores and pharmacies, but it has many features that would be useful for an independent drugstore or pharmacy.

These include:

  • Inventory Control - manage retail inventory items, such as OTC drugs, snacks, cosmetics, greeting cards, and more
  • Data Importer - inventory items can be imported via an Excel spreadsheet
  • Point of Sale (POS) - features include multiple payment types and price overrides at the till
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - maintain customer profiles and view full sales history
  • Reporting - these include Sales Reports, Customer Reports, Inventory Reports, Employee Reports, and more
  • Categories- categorize your inventory and run reports based on these categories
  • Gift Card Processing - issue gift cards from OSPOS and use them as a payment method at the till
  • Customer Loyalty Program - your customers can earn points by shopping with you and then spend them with you
  • Barcode scanning - enter UPC, EAN, ISBN, etc. when setting up a product and scan the barcode at the POS
  • Flexible Deployment - run on your local machine or install software on an external server

For more information on these features, visit our Tour page.

Note that OSPOS doesn't have all the features of industry-specific drugstore / pharmacy POS software.

Some of these include:

  • Pharmacy Management System Integration - OSPOS hasn't been integrated with any of the market-leading PMS systems, such as QS/1, HBS, McKesson, Cerner, and PDX
  • SIGIS certification - software hasn't been certified so you can't accept FSA cards with it
  • Promotions - you can discounts items at the till, but you can't set up promotions ahead of time
  • Dashboard - there are reports, but no dashboard that shares Top Sales, Top Suppliers, Best Selling Items, Top Customers, etc.
  • Auto Purchasing / Ordering - you can run a Low Inventory Report, but you can't use this data to automatically re-order merchandise
  • Multi-store - the only multi-store feature is the ability to add a location when setting up an inventory item
  • Integrated Ecommerce - OSPOS doesn't currently integrate with any Ecommerce platforms
  • Credit Card Processing - OSPOS doesn't have credit card processing built in
  • e-Signature Capture via Signature Capture Devices - these devices aren't currently supported
  • Accounts Receivable / House Accounts - OSPOS has CRM features but no A.R. features
  • Expiration Dates - OSPOS doesn't have expiration dates though you can create a custom field to track this information
  • Accounting Integration - OSPOS doesn't currently integrate with major accounting packages, such as Sage 50 and QuickBooks
  • Mobile Tools - there's no apps for your smart phone, but you might be able to use the software on your smartphone or tablet

This looks like a long list of features, but only you can determine if you need these features or not.