Clothing Store POS / Apparel POS

Open Source POS is a general retail management solution.  It has some features that would be helpful for a clothing store.  Some of them include:

  • Point of Sale - process sales and returns; discount inventory items; and put sales on hold
  • Inventory Control - create and receive inventory items; import items; create kits; and categorize your inventory
  • Customer Management - build a customer database of demographic information and buying histories
  • Gift Cards - issue and redeem gift cards
  • Barcoding - use supplier barcodes or print your own labels with barcodes
  • Reports - run Inventory, Customer, Sales, etc. reports and export some of them to Excel

Visit our OSPOS Tour for more information about these features.

Unfortunately, OSPOS lacks many of the features that most clothing stores will need.  For instance, it doesn't currently have:

  • Inventory Matrix - track colors and sizes for specific inventory items
  • Advanced POS features - process Layaways, Special Orders, and Back Orders and use multiple currencies
  • Product Pictures at the Point of Sale
  • Track special information such as favourite brands and birthdays
  • Advanced pricing such as quantity breaks and promotions
  • Purchase Orders that use the Inventory Matrix
  • Customer Loyalty Programs such as Frequent Buyer Programs
  • Accounts Receivable - print statements and track limits and balances
  • Store Credit - issue and track it
  • Direct Marketing - print mailing labels and export email marketing lists
  • Multi-Store features - chain-wide item lookups and transfers
  • Ecommerce - upload stock data and download orders
  • Commission Tracking - based on sale amount or gross margin

OSPOS is open source, so you can add these features yourself or hire someone to add them for you.  Please contact us if you have any questions about POS systems.